Technical Information

At the heart of the Concrete Society's is the provision of technical information.

This is publically available in various formats and is developed by the close cooperation of our members, experts in specific fields and our Technical and Information staff.


The end-product of any project, as developed through our Standing Committee structure, is a Technical Report, Good Concrete Guide or similar document. These are available to purchase via our bookshop. Other published information includes down-loadable formats such as our Advice sheets and Fingertips data base.

Advisory Service

The Advisory Service, run with experienced chartered engineers, carry out desk studies and site visits for our members to assist with problems in the field. The reports are independent. A helpline is also available, again to provide prompt impartial technical advice. Technical Assistance for non-members is also available.


Our comprehensive Library, run by information specialists, contains a wealth of valuable information. The catalogue of over 145,000 indexed publications known as "Concrete Vault" is available on-line. Our specialists can help you find information and all items catalogued are physically available for easy retrieval.

Email Alerts

Members also benefit from an emailed News Alert summarising the daily newspapers and trade press. Bulletins relating to Standards and the latest catalogued information are also available. These can be tailored to suit your own business.


Our members receive 10 monthly issues of our magazine CONCRETE, which comprises 60 pages of articles, news and events. It is also available on subscription.


Whether held at a regional location or for a company in-house, the Society offers Technical seminars

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