The end-product of any project, as developed through our Standing Committee structure, is a publication. Also, our permanent technical staff produce advice sheets. Publications are typically available to purchase as hard copies via our bookshop and also, in certain instances, in down-loadable format.

Technical Reports
Comprehensive technical guidance on specific subjects, typically 80 to 200 pages.

Good Concrete Guides
Concise best practice guidance on concrete, materials, design and construction, typically 25 to 40 pages.

Miscellaneous reports
Conference papers, special reports and publications developed in collaboration with other bodies.

Concrete On-site
These booklets cover twelve subjects and are available to corporate members as free downloads.

Advice sheets
Produced by our permanent technical staff, Advice sheets cover niche topics bringing together information in a short summary. Typically 3 pages, these are available to members as free downloads.

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