How do we operate

The Concrete Society is not a Trade Association.

It is an independent body and operates as a democratic partnership between our members, elected representatives of our members, The Society's full-time staff and the volunteer Regional Committees.


The Concrete Society Council has overall control of The Society. The Council approves the policy and financial framework for the Managing Director and the staff to implement. Elections for Council members are held every year, with Council members serving two years in office. The Council comprises elected members including the President, Immediate Past President, President Designate, Honorary Treasurer, Representative for the Regions, and Chairs from all 11 Regions.

Categories for Council composition

Immediate Past President
President Designate
Honorary Treasurer
Managing Director
Representative for Regions
Chairs of all Regions
General Membership
One of the above will report into Council on behalf of the TRP (Technical Review Panel)

Technical Review Panel

The Technical Review Panel provides constructive feedback to the Council/Managing Director. The panel is maintained by an appointed member of Council, ideally the President delegate or a Council Officer, who convene an 'audit or review' at least annually (or six months) on one or more aspects of The Society's technical functions. The appointed Council member may, as deemed appropriate, co-opt a small number of other members, who would not be permanent, chosen for their technical competence. The panel reports back to Council with its findings and, where appropriate, any recommendations.

Technical Review Panel composition

TRP representative on Council
Society Director of Technical Services

Standing Committees

Three Standing Committees currently operate as noted below. At any one time there will be a number of Working Groups under each Committee. These will be formed from industry representatives with the appropriate knowledge to develop specific topics. After completion of the topic they will disband or maintain a watching brief.

Construction Standing Committee

This Committee has the general responsibility for a range of projects where there is an emphasis on construction techniques and processes involving concrete.

Materials Standing Committee

This Committee has the general responsibility for a range of projects where there is an emphasis on concrete's constituent materials.

Design Standing Committee

This Committee has overall technical responsibility for a range of projects concerned with various aspects of the design of concrete structures.

Secretariat support is provided by a member of The Concrete Society technical staff.

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