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Concrete and sustainability an update on ongoing efforts in Europe Part 2

European Concrete Societies Network (ECSN)


ECSN is a network of European concrete societies comprising of 15 members. In this webinar, we have brought together experts from within ECSN circles to present examples from various European countries on how the concrete construction sector can reduce its impact on the climate. This is the third webinar that ECSN has organised in the field of sustainable concrete. The first webinar was arranged on 25 November 2021 on the topic ”Concrete and sustainability – an update on ongoing efforts in Europe” and the second was arranged on 29 March 2023 on the topic “Binders and concrete for the next decade”.

The cement and concrete industry contribute significantly to global CO2 emissions. Concrete research on sustainability involves exploring various aspects of sustainability and finding practical solutions to address environmental, social and economic challenges. In this webinar focus will be both on the design aspects as well as materials. In some countries there is already a change in legislation, and it is important to design in a more optimal way where CO2 emission will be an important side condition which includes changing strength, using prestressed concrete, alternative cement based materials, recycling and new production techniques. Examples of all these efforts will be presented and discussed in this webinar.


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