Standing Committees

Overseen by the Technical Review Panel, three Standing Committees, namely Construction, Materials and Design are responsible for developing technical guidance.

At any one time there will be a number of Working Groups under each Committee. These will be formed from industry representatives with the appropriate knowledge to develop specific topics. After completion of the topic they will disband or maintain a watching brief.

Technical Review Panel

The TRP function is to safeguard the technical integrity and independence of The Concrete Society Ltd. The panel is to be maintained by an appointed member of Council, ideally the President delegate or a Council Officer, who would convene an 'audit or review' at least annually (or 6 months) on one or more aspects of the Society's technical functions. A small number of other members may be co-opted, but not be permanent, to assist.

R Day Manager Technical Services Concrete Society  
K Calverley Managing Director Concrete Society  
  President elect or nominees    

Materials Standing Committee

This Committee has the general responsibility for a range of projects where there is an emphasis on concrete's constituent materials.

Chairman C Clear MPA  
Secretary R Barnes Concrete Society  
Recent Working Groups TR32 Analysis of hardened concrete: A guide to the uses, procedures and interpretation of results (revision)
  The influence of integral water-resisting admixtures on durability
Member list
M Walker Independant C McCague Cementiitious Slag Makers Association
P Hewlett David Ball Group J Newman TALENT
J Knights Jon Knights Materials Consulting Ltd B Marsh Arup
I Ellis Cement Admixtures Association R Carroll UK Quality Ash Association
I Gibb Mott MacDonald Ltd G True GFT Materials Consultancy
R Lewis Elkem Ltd    
Corresponding members
R Jones Technical for Concrete Ltd A Dunster BRE Ltd
P Bartos Independant M Soutsos Queen's University Belfast
M Gratham Sandbergs J Ingham Capita
P Domone University College London C Goodier Loughborough University
G Attree Grace Construction Products B Price Tarmac

Construction Standing Committee

This on-line Committee consists of all members registered as 'contractors'. Correspondence is through an emailed information sheet issue at least 3 times per year. The information covers a range of topics with an emphasis on construction techniques and processes involving concrete. Particular projects may need the setting up of a traditional working group.

Chairman D Simons BAMNuttall  
Secretary I Heritage Concrete Society  
Recent Working Groups Industrial Floors Group
  TR52 Plain formed Concrete Finishes (revision)

Design Standing Committee

This Committee has overall technical responsibility for a range of projects concerned with various aspects of the design of concrete structures.

Chairman O Brooker Modulus  
Secretary N Crook Concrete Society  
Recent Working Groups TR55 Design guidance for strengthening concrete structures using fibre composite materials (revision)

TR44 The relevance of cracking in concrete to corrosion of reinforcement (revision)
Member list
C Arya Uni College London M Everitt Skanska
D Cowan WSP P Keel Pipeshield
C Goodchild MPA R Vollum Imperial Collage
A Bloodworth University of Southampton J Knights Independent
S Mahmood Sir Robert McAlpine M Walker Independent

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