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Cold store floors

Early age thermal shrinkage of cold store floors can be reduced by following a programme of cooling the enclosed environment to the operating temperature.

The Second Edition (2007) of the IACSC Guide ‘Guidelines for the Design, Construction, Specification and Fire Management of Insulated Envelopes for Temperature Controlled Environments’ suggests the following programme:

Activity Day Chamber Temperature
Concrete laid 1 External ambient

Concrete curing
Concrete curing complete 14*
Refrigeration plant operating 15 16oC (External ambient)
16 5oC
17 1oC
18 1oC
19 1oC
20 -2oC
21 -4oC
22 -8oC
23 -12oC
24 -18oC
25 -23oC
26 -29oC

 *Fourteen days is a minimum and may have to be extended indefinitely in order to achieve the required in-situ strength of the concrete under external ambient temperature as determined from test cubes stored on the surface of the slab







Acknowledgement: Concrete Society