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Testing self compacting concrete: Slump-flow test

The Slump-flow test to BS EN 12350-8 is used to assess flowability and flow rate. It is similar to BS EN 12350-2 Slump test. 

    Place cone on steel plate at 210mm diameter
    Pour into slump cone (no compaction)
    Strike surplus material and lift within 30 sec
    Vertical motion taking between 1-3 sec
    Measure time from start of lift to time when
     first touches 500mm diameter mark (t500 time)
.    Measure largest diameter in two directions at 90
     to nearest 10mm
    Take average to obtain Slump Flow (SF) to nearest
    If difference >50mm repeat test
    If repeat >50mm then not suitable flowability for
     Slump Flow test
    Check for signs of segregation eg ring of cement
     paste/mortar or segregated coarse aggregate
     in centre


Slump flow test
Acknowledgement: Concrete Society

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