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Mortars for masonry

BS EN 998, Specification for mortar for masonry:

Part 1: Rendering and plastering mortar
Part 2: Masonry mortar.

BS EN 1015, Methods of test for mortar for masonry is divided into a number of parts covering the various tests. Those that have been issued are as follows (only abbreviated titles are shown):

1. Particle size distribution
2. Bulk sampling and preparation of test mortars
3. Consistence (flow table)
4. Consistence (plunger penetration)
6. Bulk density (fresh mortar)
7. Air content (fresh mortar)
9. Workable life (fresh mortar)
10. Dry bulk density (hardened mortar)
11. Flexural and compressive strength
12. Adhesive strength on substrate
17. Water soluble chloride content
18. Water absorption coefficient due to capillary action
19. Water vapour permeability
21. Compatibility of rendering mortars with substrate.

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society