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Loadings - British Standards

The main Standard for loadings applied to structures was BS 6399 in three parts. These, like many of the structural codes, have been replaced by European Standards.

BS 6399-1: īCode of practice for dead and imposed loadsī this gives dead and minimum imposed loads, applicable to new buildings, alterations to existing structures and existing structures on change of use. Replaced by BS EN 1991-1-1 & BS EN 1991-1-7

BS 6399-2: īCode of practice for wind loadsī, Replaced by BS EN 1991-1-4

BS 6399-3:īCode of practice for imposed roof loadsī. For use in designing buildings and building components that are to be constructed and used in the UK and Channel Islands. Replaced by BS EN 1991-1-3

Loadings for bridges (for highways, railways and foot/cycle tracks) are covered by BS 5400: īSteel, concrete and composite bridgesī,Part 2: īSpecification for loadsī and Highways Agency (now Highways England) documents. Again, the BS 5400 has now been replaced by BS EN 1992-2 

Special structures will have their own loading requirements.

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society


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