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The Concrete Society – What is the Advisory Service?

As a member of the Society our Advisory Engineers are on hand to offer prompt,

impartial technical advice and information for all concrete related issues.


Available for site visits, independent reviews, problem solving, practical advice

and more, the Advisory Service is staffed by permanent employees of The Society

who are experienced qualified engineers and technologists.


As a member-based body, with no affiliation to trade or corporate

organisations, the information and advice provided is sound, practical and,

importantly, independent.


Substantial discounts on services are given to all Concrete Society Corporate

member employees and Individual Plus members. Full details of fees and terms

and conditions are available on our website. 



Prompt – we recognise the importance of immediate answers in an industry where time is money.

Impartial – unlike other organisations we don’t rely on a particular sector of the industry for backing. This independence allows us to offer truly impartial advice.

Experienced – our team of highly qualified chartered engineers have spent their working lives in the concrete industry.

Discreet – your enquiries remain confidential.

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