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he Modern Masonry Alliance

(MMA) has outlined its general

support for the need for more

housing and the Department for

Communities and Local Government’s

(DCLG’s) housing White Paper,

Fixing our

broken housing market

, which was published

on 7 February.

The MMA supports the broad analysis and

recognition of past problems limiting growth

in housing numbers as given in theWhite

Paper, as well as the inclusion of helpful

recommendations such as the promotion

of, and aid for, small and medium-sized

home builders.However, theWhite Paper

incorrectly attributes delays to shortcomings

in traditional construction and is misinformed

as to the contribution off-site construction

methods can make in terms of numbers, long-

term quality and immediate delivery.

The need for more housing is reflected

in two of the DCLG’s four strategic

objectives for this Parliament: increasing

home ownership and increasing the supply

of homes – with an ambition of delivering a

million new homes in England by 2020.


Projections suggest there will be at least

227,000 new households formed each year

between 2011 and 2021.

This is substantially higher than the annual

average of 166,000 extra homes in England

over the past ten years.Delivery of the

Government’s million new homes ambition

by 2020 will require 174,000 net additions

each year.

Many of the factors behind the shortage

of new homes are outside the control or

influence of product manufacturers; they

include access to finance and land, a range

of planning issues and the fact that, up until

now, delivery has been concentrated within

private sector housing for purchase.

There are now potentially new players

that may change these dynamics well beyond

the changes proposed by Government in

theWhite Paper, in particular the build-to-

rent sector, housing for the growing over-65

population and now the potential re-entry

of local authority action led by the Homes

and Communities Agency (HCA), in its new

form,Homes England.

More homes

Investment in newmanufacturing capacity is

supporting the delivery of more homes.

TheModernMasonry Alliance raises concern about the Government’s focus on

off-sitemanufacturing, writes



British Precast