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his new report builds upon the

wider sustainable development

initiative established by BMAPA’s

parent organisation, the Mineral

Products Association and BMAPA’s own

sustainable development strategy published

in October 2006. Under this initiative,

individual marine aggregate operators

continue to report data against a range of key

performance indicators that, when combined,

provide a comprehensive record of the

sustainable development performance of the

sector as a whole.

The latest report shows that the growing

demand for marine aggregates highlighted

in 2014 continued into 2015, with overall

production increasing by nearly 13%. In

London and the south-east of England,

where one-third of Great Britain’s

construction activity takes place and where

traditionally marine supplies provide one-

third of all primary aggregate demand,

landings increased by a further 12%, building

on the 13.8% increase reported for 2014.

There was also a marked increase in the

demand for marine aggregate in support of

beach nourishment and contract fill projects,

with over 4 million tonnes supporting a

range of projects during the year, including

1.7 million tonnes delivered in support of

the Liverpool2 port development. The

exception remained on the near continent,

where a further 28% reduction in marine

landings (to 2.15 million tonnes) reflected

the continuing challenges being experienced

in these markets.Given that, historically,

the construction market on the continent

has taken around one-third of the marine

aggregate sector’s annual production, the

potential impacts arising from the decision

to leave the European Union will need to be

monitored carefully.

Strength from the depths

Above left:

The industry

has recently

completed a

major relicensing

programme. This

has resulted in

over 370 million

tonnes of marine

aggregate reserves

being currently

permitted for


TheBritishMarineAggregateProducersAssociation (BMAPA) has published

its tenth annual SustainableDevelopment report


, covering the year


Mark Russell

of the

Mineral Products Association