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Enhanced safety

With a footprint of 13,900m



Quadram Institute will accommodate

nearly 300 research scientists, as well as

clinicians, support staff and clinical research

participants. It will also treat approximately

40,000 outpatients each year within its

endoscopy clinic. As a result, the building

stands four storeys tall, presenting the usual

fall-from-height safety risks associated with

any tall formwork project. Providing stability

is a range of Multiprop support stretching

fromMP120 to MP625. These are being

used to manually adjust the height of the

Skydeck beams according to the concrete

pour conditions.

The built-in safety features of the

formwork are also eliminating the

requirement for additional safety scaffolding,

saving time and money for contractors as

well as freeing up additional working space.

Skydeck aluminium panelised slab formwork

helps guarantee a consistent architectural

pattern for the perimeter of the building.

Curved surfaces present a challenge for

formwork – panels must be both thick enough

to support the concrete load, but thin enough

to deliver the required curvature.