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primary structural steelwork frame, all dead

loads being transferred directly into the

foundations. There were the odd exceptions

where steel stubs were welded to the primary

frame to provide means of support for the

precast panels where the load paths back to

the ground were interrupted.

All panels were supplied to site on specially

adapted trailers, fully finished and factory-

pointed. For this to work successfully in

the extremely confined zones between

the building and site hoardings, all the

just-in-time deliveries had to be carefully

co-ordinated to avoid clashing with other

ongoing activities.Working closely with the

Sir Robert McAlpine (main contractor) site

team, Thorp altered the installation sequence

a number of times to suit the changing site

conditions: even the crane had to be delivered

out of normal hours in order to get onto the


-site installation of almost 550 panels

was completed in March 2016, the biggest

challenge being managing the site logistics, as

most panels required the use of a 120-tonne

mobile crane.