Domestic basements and minimum reinforcement.

The Basement Information Centre (TBIC) has published a new Guidance Document: Basement for dwellings, which replaced the previous Approved Document for domestic basements in the UK.

The new Guidance Document includes for 200 and 300 mm thick reinforced concrete basements rafts and 150, 200 or 300 mm thick reinforced concrete and 300 mm thick reinforced concrete masonry walls. Whilst the walls and raft can and have been designed for the moments and forces arising from supporting the ground, imposed loads and line loads from walls above, the question was asked whether ‘minimum’ flexural reinforcement would be sufficient to control restraint cracking in in-scope domestic basements.

It examines the effect of cement content and both shrinkage and thermal stresses on inducing cracking. Reference is made to EC2 and CIRA C660.

This paper studies this question and has resulted in the Guidance Document increasing minimum reinforcement required by EC2 and BS8110.

This is pending formal release from MPA/The Concrete Centre.

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